Neblina v2 - Front Neblina v2 - Back
Neblina v2 - Front Neblina v2 - Back
Neblina v2 - Side Neblina v2 - Back
Neblina v2 - Size Neblina v2 - Casing

The Neblina V2 module represents the second generation in advanced motion analysis development platform. The most important features that repeat frequently in wearable products are packaged into a versatile motion capture system that enables rapid prototyping of product ideas.

The module includes Bluetooth® SMART (also known as Low Energy or 4.0) radio communication for seamless interfacing to desktops, tablets, smartphones and any other devices supporting this radio standard along with a USB interface to attach to computers for recharge and wired control of the sensor system.

The Neblina V2 module can function as an IMU (Inertial Motion Unit), VRU (Vertical Reference Unit), and AHRS (Attitude and Heading Reference System) to address common use cases. Typical applications include wearable devices, human motion measurement, industrial motion measurement, robotics. The V2 module futher integrates other peripherals such as a multicolor LED, complete battery management IC and a dense expansion connector.