This is a quick start guide to set up the Neblina™ module. The following picture shows key aspect of the Neblina™ module.

Neblina Key Aspect

Basic information

Item Description
Battery Connector Connect external battery to the module
Power Button Power on/off the module
USB Use to charge the module
Green LED Device LED status
Red LED Device LED status
RGB LED User-controlled LED

LED Status (Green/Red)

Green LED Red LED Description
Off Off Powered off
On Off Powered on (default state)
Off On Powered on (error state), Please contact support
On Blinking Charging
Blinking Off Recorder is either erasing or recording


WARNING: This battery connector is fragile. Please follow information in this video in order to properly connect or disconnect the battery.

Basic Operation

To turn the device on

Normal use

Push and release the power button.

  • If the Green LED light up, the device is ready for use.
  • If the Red LED light up, an internal issue occured, please contact support for further details.
  • If no LED light up, the battery is depleted. See below for more information on how to charge the device.

Firmware Upgrade

Push and hold the power button until RGB LED starts blinking in alternance. The device firmware can now be upgrade.

To turn the device off

Push and hold the power button until both Green and Red LED turn off.

WARNING: The device must be powered on.

To charge the device

Connect the device to a PC or power outlet using a micro-USB cable. The device will automatically power on and start charging.