Neblina v1
Neblina v1

IMPORTANT: The V1 module is not recommended for new designs. Please refer to the V2 information page. This is left to support V1 users

The Neblina module represents the distillation of Motsai’s collective knowledge gained after designing several successful motion products. The most important features that repeat frequently in wearable products are packaged into a versatile motion capture system that enables rapid prototyping of product ideas.

The module includes Bluetooth® SMART (also known as Low Energy or 4.0) radio communication for seamless interfacing to desktops, tablets, smartphones and any other devices supporting this radio standard.

The Neblina module can function as a IMU (Inertial Motion Unit), VRU (Vertical Reference Unit), and AHRS (Attitude and Heading Reference System). Typical applications include wearable devices, human motion measurement, industrial motion measurement, robotics, etc.

The ProMotion DevKit integrates one Neblina module on a base board along with additional I/O, storage, battery, and micro-USB port. It is used to showcase the features of Neblina and can be used to quickly get started and using the module in real-life applications.