Connectors location Connection result
Figure 1 Figure 2

Physical connection

The following steps are needed to establish a physical connection between Neblina V2 module and Neblina DK V2:

  1. Locate both connectors as shown by figure 1.
  2. Flip Neblina V2 module by 180 degree.
  3. Connect both device with care. Connectors are fragile and easily damaged.
  4. Attach a USB cable to the Neblina DK V2 USB connector.
  5. We're done!

Firmware overwrite

The following steps are needed to overwrite Neblina V2 module firmware. Use with care. Theses steps will completely overwrite current firmware.

  1. Download the appropriate IDAP-Link/M software based on your Operating System.
  2. Download the IDAP-Link User Guide documentation.
  3. Open User Guide documentation.
  4. Search for the "Parallel Flashing Nordic nRF5x using multiple IDAP-LinkTM" section.
  5. Follow instructions in order to flash the new firmware.
  6. We're done.