The following table contains all commands associated with the Sensor subsystem.

Command Identifier v2.0 v2.1
AccelerometerGyroscopeStream 0x10 X X
AccelerometerMagnetometerStream 0x11 X X
AccelerometerStream 0x0A X X
BandwidthGet 0x07 X X
BandwidthSet 0x06 X X
DownsampleGet 0x03 X X
DownsampleSet 0x00 X X
GyroscopeStream 0x0B X X
HumidityStream 0x0C X X
MagnetometerStream 0x0D X X
PressureStream 0x0E X X
RangeGet 0x04 X X
RangeSet 0x01 X X
RateGet 0x05 X X
RateSet 0x02 X X
TemperatureStream 0x0F X X