The ResetTimestamp is used to reset Neblina's clock in order to reset the high-resolution timestamp in microseconds. Note that the command does not affect the Unix Timestamp, which represents the date/time on the device. The Unix Timestamp must be set using the TimestampUnixSet command.


This command uses the Command-Ack protocol.


Byte Name C Type Value
0 Control Byte ( Packet Type (7:5) / SubSystem (4:0) ) uint8_t 0x40 ( 0b010 / 0b00000 )
1 Payload Length uint8_t 1
2 CRC uint8_t Calculated
3 Command uint8_t 0x0D


Byte Name C Type Value
4 Type uint8_t See Below

The following table shows the list of type:

Type Name Description
0x00 LIVE Instantaneous reset
0x01 DELAY Wait for high shock before reset