The FirmwareUpdate command is used to put Neblina in DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode. In order to put Neblina in the DFU mode, the device must reboot. After putting the device in the DFU mode, the user has about ~20 seconds to initiate the firmware update process using for instance Nordic's nRF Connect mobile application. If the user does not send the image of the new firmware during that ~20 second time window, the firmware will restart in the normal mode of operation.


This command uses the Command-Ack protocol.

Warning: Acknowledgment packet is not sent before resetting.


Byte Name C Type Value
0 Control Byte ( Packet Type (7:5) / SubSystem (4:0) ) uint8_t 0x40 ( 0b010 / 0b00000 )
1 Payload Length uint8_t 0
2 CRC uint8_t Calculated
3 Command uint8_t 0x0E


This command contains no payload.