The DeviceNameSet is used to assign the device name for Neblina. The device name used by default is the Bluetooth GAP Device Name, which can be changed instantly upon handling this command. It is possible to read the device name by using the DeviceNameGet command.


This command uses the Command-Ack protocol.


This command uses a dynamic payload based on the device name length. The device name is ASCII-based and without NULL terminator ('\0'). Its length is associated with the payload length element of the response packet header, where X is Payload Length.

Byte Name C Type Value
0 Control Byte ( Packet Type (7:5) / SubSystem (4:0) ) uint8_t 0x40 ( 0b010 / 0b00000 )
1 Payload Length uint8_t X
2 CRC uint8_t Calculated
3 Command uint8_t 0x10


Byte Name C Type Value
4 Device name uint8_t Varies
... ... ... ...
4 + (X - 1) Device name uint8_t Varies