The TrajectoryRecord command is used to start or stop recording a reference motion pattern, i.e., orientation trajectory. In the START mode, Neblina will start recording the reference orientation trajectory until either the devices comes to a complete stop, or the same command is called by the host with the STOP mode. It is notable that due to memory limitations, the reference trajectory cannot be longer than 20 seconds. If we reach 20 seconds, the recording will stop automatically. When the recording stops, Neblina will be able to stream the real-time trajectory information, if the streaming has been already enabled by the using the TrajectoryInfoStream command.


This command uses the Command-Ack protocol.


Byte Name C Type Value
0 Control Byte ( Packet Type (7:5) / SubSystem (4:0) ) uint8_t 0x41 ( 0b010 / 0b00001 )
1 Payload Length uint8_t 1
2 CRC uint8_t Calculated
3 Command uint8_t 0x08


Byte Name C Type Value
4 State uint8_t 0x00 (Disable) or 0x01 (Enable)