The Downsample command is used to set the fusion streaming rate divider in order to decrease bandwidth. The fusion maximum streaming rate is set by the Rate command. By default, the fusion downsample is set to 1, meaning all process fusion packet will be stream. For example, settings a downsample of 5 means that 1 packet out of 5 will be stream.


This command uses the Command-Ack protocol.


Byte Name C Type Value
0 Control Byte ( Packet Type (7:5) / SubSystem (4:0) ) uint8_t 0x41 ( 0b010 / 0b00001 )
1 Payload Length uint8_t 2
2 CRC uint8_t Calculated
3 Command uint8_t 0x01


Byte Name C Type Value
4 - 5 Downsample uint16_t Varies